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Mettle Canvas is proud to partner with India Someday, for their digital marketing campaign

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India Someday is driven by a team of passionate professionals providing planning assistance for those who want to explore India independently. Mettle Canvas was happy to engage with this young team of entrepreneurs to strategize and execute their Social Media Marketing along with a planned rollout of Search Engine Optimization for their Website.

With India being a strong destination for tourism throughout the year, competition for keywords and vying for space on search engines is fierce. It is great to see good progress and results as ranking for their keywords and lead generation is on a steady upswing.

Aliasgar Banatwala, Co-Founder at Mettle Canvas believes, “The team at India Someday is motivated and their zeal in providing content as per guidelines provided by our team has made this project achieve quick success in a short time.”

Harsh Sonawala, Partner at India Someday, strongly believes in the power of Internet marketing too. “If a focussed effort is made with a long-term strategy and budget in place, success is a guarantee.” he adds.

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