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Mettle Canvas is happy to be a part of brand development and design initiatives for multiple start-ups

Brand development starts with a strategy and guideline to address, product positioning, target audience, geographical demographics and brand philosophy. Style guides, Logo designs, Brochures, Internet pages are all tools for reaching out to potential customers. At Mettle Canvas, we enthral in catering to each customers’ need for their individual products and services.

The process of creating a brand starts from client briefing, general sketches and wireframe representations, design and image finalization to eventual release to market.

Bhavini Jhaveri, Creative Director at Mettle Canvas strongly believes in the creation of an individualistic design for each client. “Design and Communication are the essence of a brand. They underline a company‚Äôs philosophy and product guideline. Taking cues from client feedback, it is our duty to translate it to a Go to Market strategy.”

Some of the work we’ve done over the recent past covers hospitality, real estate, luxury retail and travel. While each client is unique in their needs, our team always feels a sense of fulfilment in creating a new leaf from a seed of thought.