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Mettle Canvas engaged by luxury watch line, Horpa – C1 for their Website and E-commerce initiatives

It was a thought that brought together friends, professionals and best resources in the field of horology on the path of creating the HORPA CODE1 Watch Series [C1 for short]. Mettle Canvas was engaged to design the brand look and feel along with development of their Website and Ecommerce platform. It was a pleasure to work with the passion of Horpa leadership and come up with a uniquely designed Website to showcase the watch and it’s features in luxurious backdrops shot professionally. The ecommerce shopping cart and payment experience was also optimized to make it user friendly and crisp.

Rajeev Asrani, passionately resonates his belief in the watch; “What started as just a thought and a dream, soon developed into a vision and now aims to be an acclaimed independent watch maker from India. Creative inspiration, Assimilation of finest resources, and Design development is fundamental behind the HORPA philosophy aptly called, Construction of Design Excellence – CODE for short”

Zuzar Lakdawala, Head Technology behind the development says, “The website needed a simple user interface and yet had to have a stylish, international feel with minimal content. We used a branded CMS platform with multiple template interactions and API integrations for payment gateways, java plugins, and social media. The goal is to reach a global audience and we’re confident the client will be able to use this platform to launch into additional modules in future.”

Mettle Canvas wins advertising mandate for Tasneem Kagalwalla (Personal Soul–ultions)

Tasneem is an experienced Learning and Development Consultant, Master NLP Trainer and Certified Coach. With years of experience within the corporate sector combined with tailored one on one consulting, she has a vast and deep reservoir of knowledge and skill to assist and develop people in leadership, performance, relationship and communication areas.

Juzer Songerwala, Co-Founder at Mettle Canvas : We are very excited in partnering with Tasneem. She’s a dynamic entrepreneur with tremendous determination in training individuals / teams to nature them into leadership roles. The challenge here is to educate companies to promote such activities which brings a dual benefit to both; the individual and organizational growth. As there is tremendous potential in the US & Indian markets, we are building platforms (Website, Social Media & Content films) to showcase the need for companies to invest in this space.

Sanjay N., Tech Lead at Mettle Canvas : The website needs to be very simple, intuitive and have an omnipresence. We are using an HTML 5, CMS platform with social integration, image galleries, and calendar of events. The goal is to reach a global audience to generate qualified leads